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Sergey Bolshakov, creative alias “SeBo”
Artist, designer, restorer.
Participant and winner of numerous international exhibitions, competitions and art projects.
A large number of solo exhibitions.
Organizer and curator of the annual international art exhibition “Wings of Riga” in Riga, Latvia.
Promoter of the exhibition “Art Design Riga”
2003 - author of the design of the jewelry collection "Silver Biker"
2006 - author of furniture design, more than 100 models from wine barrels
My works can be found in private collections around the world.
My creativity is an experiment, a story about the eternal and beautiful.
I work in different techniques with different materials: canvas, wood, metal, etc.
At the heart of each picture is a certain meaningful plot.
There can be several readings of the same work. Each viewer, being imbued with the picture, finds his own sense and the message laid down on the canvas.
Painting pictures is not about applying and smearing paint on the canvas, it is about a whole life philosophy and spiritual practice. Therefore, the paintings can speak for the character and inner world of the author and his individuality.
A painting is an energy field consisting of a huge number of dabs of paint, each of which is an energy bar code. Dabs are applied to the canvas by hand with an artistic brush, through the energy channels coming from the head. Here is the answer why some paintings delight us and leave a great emotional trace, while others leave us completely indifferent, despite the correct performance according to the canons of painting technique.
When choosing and purchasing a painting, follow one simple rule: - “Choose with your heart, recognize that it will be with you for many years and will carry and support the emotional and energy background in your daily life.”
With charity for all!

“Make art every day and your doctor will be bored without work.”

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